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An NPA Success Story!

I was introduced to the National Pitching Association (NPA) program when it was recommended to my brother after he had Tommy John surgery. When my dad asked my brother’s surgeon and the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention where he should do his rehab they immediately recommended the NPA program.


After my first session I realized that this was something I wanted to be a part of. It was also nice to know that I was in the same throwing program as such successful athletes as Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Cole Hamels, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. If it was good enough for them, I couldn’t even imagine what it could do for me.


I was concerned that changing my mechanics with only 4 months until the start of the season might not have me ready for opening day. However, I was ready on day one and for the rest of the season.


Learning the initial exercises from my instructor, Tom Landry, was intense, but it became something I could do at home on my own every day. I also had warm ups that I did before every game.


I have had many good pitching coaches, but none helped me as much with strength training, mechanics, stamina, precision, and injury prevention as this program did. One of the biggest things the program gave to me were the tools to self-correct if I was running into trouble. I was taught to know exactly what I was doing on the mound and correct immediately if something went wrong. This was a huge part of my success during the year. This program also helped reduce my recovery time after pitching as well.


I highly recommend this program and see a benefit for all ages, especially for pitchers or catchers who have suffered from arm issues.


Josh Ferreira, Pitcher

Seawolves 2015 12U Super Division

2015 PONY 12U World Series

22-3 Pitching Record 2015 Season